Supplément descriptif du certificat

Le Répertoire National des Certifications Professionnelles (RNCP) Code RNCP : 1933


BP : Brevet professionnel Forestry work option

Nouvel intitulé : Responsable de chantiers forestiers

Résumé du référentiel d'emploi ou éléments de compétence acquis

* Activities targeted:

Holders of a specialised technical qualification with a Forestry work option are able to carry out the following activities. 1. They help to manage site work: ?  They prepare a site with their immediate superiors, ?  They organise the site in the light of the instructions received and the resources placed at their disposal, ?  They carry out the work as planned, ?  They use, take care of and maintain, in full safety, the machinery and equipment with which they are entrusted. 2. They supervise the work done by the personnel helping them in the tasks ordered and lying within the scope of their remit. 3. They carry out work to replace and improve stands: ?  They identify the techniques used in forest management, ?  They observe and assess the condition of a stand, ?  They identify the limits of the various plots of land, ?  They deal with soil preparation work, ?  They stake out plots, ?  They take delivery of seedlings, ?  They plant seedlings using the current techniques, ?  They monitor sowing and planting work, ?  They carry out the necessary shaping work, ?  They are familiar with the various techniques involved in forestry work, ?  They carry out pruning work, ?  They take part in tree marking work for felling. 4. They carry out logging company work: ?  They identify the felling limits, ?  They take part in estimating the quantities of standing timber, ?  They are familiar with the various felling techniques, ?  They are able to select the cross cuts to be made in the light of the timber quality and its possible uses, ?  They determine the technical instructions and give them to the personnel carrying out the work, and they inform the personnel of the particular specifications for the site, ?  They sort, number and scale the logs, ?  They can take delivery of timber at the roadside and dispatch it, ?  They determine the routes used by the hauling equipment and the storage areas. 5. They keep their immediate superiors informed as to progress made in the work and such incidents as may occur, and put forward solutions. 6. They communicate with the company's various partners. 7. They take part in the social and professional life of the company.

Secteurs d'activité ou types d'emplois accessibles par le détenteur de ce diplôme, ce titre ou ce certificat

* Sector of activity: Organisations (companies in the private sector or public structures) of various sizes carrying out sylviculture, felling and hauling work, whether combined on a given site or not. This type of work can be carried out on behalf of other entities (services provided) or on the organisation's own behalf (work on a cost-plus basis). The organisations concerned can be forestry work companies, logging companies, sawmills, forestry cooperatives, forest owners (public or private), joint forestry ventures, or forestry experts.
* Types of jobs accessible: ?  Manager of a forestry work company, ?  Team leader for forestry work, ?  Highly skilled forestry worker (carrying out work with a high level of autonomy). In a company structure, holders of a "Forestry work" specialised technical qualification come between the skilled worker and supervisory staff levels.  The size of the company can have a considerable effect on the type of activities with which these staff members are actually entrusted, and especially the levels of initiative and responsibilities delegated to them by the employer. They are given instructions by their immediate superiors, to whom they also report concerning execution of the work. However, they are also required to adapt their work to suit the constraints and the types of tasks to be carried out, and above all they have to take into account any unusual or unforeseen situations.

Codes des fiches ROME les plus proches : 

Autorité responsable de la certification Qualité du(es) signataire(s) de la certification
Ministère chargé de l'agriculture Directeur régional de l’agriculture et de la forêt, Directeur régional de l'agriculture et de la forêt

Niveau et/ou domaine d'activité

IV (Nomenclature de 1967)

4 (Nomenclature Europe)

Convention(s) : 

Code(s) NSF : 

213 Forets, espaces naturels, faune sauvage, pêche

Formacode(s) : 

Liens avec d'autres certifications Accords européens ou internationaux

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Référence arrêté création (ou date 1er arrêté enregistrement) : 

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Modalités d'accès à cette certification

Descriptif des composantes de la certification : 

The CUCs (capitalisable course units) are capitalisable evaluation units that are independent of one another and can be obtained in any order. A professional diploma is awarded once the 12 CUCs making it up have been obtained: ?  9 national qualification CUCs (NQCUCs) including 2 CUCs in the technological and professional field (D1), 1 CUC in the mathematical field (D2), 1 CUC in the science field (D3), 2 CUCs in the expression and communication field (D4) and 2 CUCs in the economic and professional field (D5); ?  3 CUCs covering regional or job-oriented adaptation (RJOCUCs) selected in the light of local conditions and the candidates' professional project; 1 RJOCUC at least ?  RJOCUC 10 ?  must be linked to the technological and professional field (D1), while the others can concern any of the fields covered by the diploma course: the 5 fields mentioned above, the languages field (D6), and the health, safety, physical education and sports field (D7). N.B. Some CUCs are common to several options covered by the diploma course; there is also an evaluation method via final tests, which has never been implemented.

* Final integration objectives (FIOs) for the 9 NQCUCs: CUC 1: Being able to use the scientific and technical knowledge necessary for forestry work CUC 2: Being able to apply the scientific and technical knowledge necessary to select and use the machinery and equipment CUC 3: Being able to manage forestry work sites in compliance with the health, safety and environmental standards applicable CUC 4: Being able to use mathematical tools in complex situations of professional and social life CUC 5: Being able to recall the scientific mechanisms leading to understanding of the relations to living organisms in the professional sector CUC 6: Being able to communicate in complex situations of social and professional life CUC 7: Being able to handle relations between people in a working group CUC 8: Being able to present the characteristics of a forestry work company and its social and economic environment CUC 9: Being able to manage and monitor forestry work sites N.B. The final integration objectives (FIOs) of the RJOCUCs can be obtained from the DRAF regional training and development centres in France or centres qualified to issue the diplomas depending on the type of CUCs.

Validité des composantes acquises :  5 an(s)

Conditions d'inscription à la certification Oui Non Composition des jurys
Après un parcours de formation sous statut d'élève ou d'étudiant X
En contrat d'apprentissage X
Le jury, présidé par un fonctionnaire de catégorie A du ministère de l'agriculture, est composé paritairement : – de membres de l'enseignement et de la formation professionnelle agricoles dont au moins la moitié de membres l'enseignement et de la formation professionnelle agricoles publics ;    
– de professionnels du secteur d'activité concerné par l'option du brevet professionnel, à parité employeurs ou responsables d'exploitation et salariés.    
Après un parcours de formation continue X
En contrat de professionnalisation X
Par candidature individuelle X
Par expérience dispositif VAE prévu en 2003 X
Oui Non
Accessible en Nouvelle Calédonie X
Accessible en Polynésie Française X

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