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Le Répertoire National des Certifications Professionnelles (RNCP) Code RNCP : 27814


Culinary arts and catering manager

Résumé du référentiel d'emploi ou éléments de compétence acquis

Culinary arts and catering managers perform the duties of chefs and/or catering managers in companies in France or overseas.
They design balanced menu cards and perform and implement culinary techniques while managing resources related to production organisation and supply management.
They supervise and coordinate their kitchen and/or restaurant teams. They control production costs in accordance with the company’s management and commercial objectives.

With their analytical sense and ability to plan ahead, they assist with the company’s overall strategy.
They manage critical situations and suggest corrective measures.
They contribute to improving operations by integrating new culinary technologies and taking account of changes in customer behaviour.

1/ Culinary production: familiarity with professional techniques and use of different equipment – appropriate use of products – application of hygiene and food safety rules

2/ Production organisation: drawing up menus – supply management - work planning – quality control of production – analysis of manufacturing costs – application of culinary engineering and ergonomics principles – implementation of innovative technologies

3/ Operational management: food and beverage management – team management – catering package design – customer retention and business development – analysis and control of profitability factors

4/ Management

4.1/ Accounts and financial management: recording everyday operations – drawing up a forward budget – implementing management operating reports for tracking and auditing purposes – identifying the main items of a balance sheet – drawing up a profit and loss account – implementing the USGAAP (US Generally Accepted Accounting Principals) and IFRS (International Financial Reporting System) system – economic and financial feasibility study of a catering project

4.2/ Administrative management: staff management – information processing – planning workforce requirements and working hours

Associated cross-disciplinary knowledge: written and verbal communication in French and English – project methodology – knowledge of the socio-economic and cultural environment of catering

The certified abilities, skills and aptitudes enable the holder to progress in a national and international environment: joining and managing a multicultural team and applying professional management tools used in France and overseas.

Secteurs d'activité ou types d'emplois accessibles par le détenteur de ce diplôme, ce titre ou ce certificat

Any hotel and catering company: traditional or themed restaurant, hotel, chain or independent restaurant, onboard catering (cruise, airline)
Any food company: caterer, cake shop

Chef – executive chef (coordinating several kitchens)
- Catering manager
- Restaurant owner

Codes des fiches ROME les plus proches : 

  • G1601 : Management du personnel de cuisine
  • G1402 : Management d'hôtel-restaurant
Autorité responsable de la certification Qualité du(es) signataire(s) de la certification
Institut Paul Bocuse - Hôtellerie et arts culinaires Président du conseil d'administration, Président

Niveau et/ou domaine d'activité

II (Nomenclature de 1969)

6 (Nomenclature Europe)

Convention(s) : 

Code(s) NSF : 

334p Gestion touristique et hôtelière

Formacode(s) : 

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Modalités d'accès à cette certification

Descriptif des composantes de la certification : 

1° For people who have completed a training cycle: The certification components are organised into four credit units valid for 18 months:

1/ ‘Culinary production’ unit
2/ ‘Production organisation’ unit
3/ ‘Operational management’ unit
4/ ‘Management’ unit

The following assessments are required:
- Practical professional assessments in cooking, confectionary, baking and purchase management
- Written and oral examinations
- Case studies
- Tutored projects
- Written and oral account of work experience  

2° For people requiring validation of acquired experience:

validation may be full or partial based on the four abovementioned units.

Validité des composantes acquises :  illimitée

Conditions d'inscription à la certification Oui Non Composition des jurys
Après un parcours de formation sous statut d'élève ou d'étudiant X

Président = un professionnel
Membres professionnels (dont un titulaire du titre) et enseignants

En contrat d'apprentissage X
Après un parcours de formation continue X


En contrat de professionnalisation X


Par candidature individuelle X


Par expérience dispositif VAE prévu en 2007 X

Président = un professionnel
Collège professionnel (1/4 dont parité employeur/salarié)
Collège enseignant

Oui Non
Accessible en Nouvelle Calédonie X
Accessible en Polynésie Française X

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